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Tod Hughes - “Cowtown!” 

This new single from Tod Hughes is a straight country ballad about the city of Calgary. Embracing the cowboy pride of the southern Alberta city, it’s hard not to crack a smile listening to this. It’s catchy as all hell too, where after just a few listens you’re bound to remember the lyrics.

Nashville Music Guide  

"Roots music at it’s best. Top charting talent with this artist is a given. He’s a storyteller, a sage, a word man.  He’s a magical bard.  His songs are real from the heart and soul. He writes about truth, life, love, the stuff you want to forget and the stuff you want to remember.  The lyrics are melodious and stick with you for hours which I think is why I went back so many times to listen." 


"Roots Rock has another star player on the team. With the talented Tod Hughes from Calgary, Alberta releasing his inspired and honest new album Time Slow Down, many listeners are going to put this well-produced and quirky album on repeat. Mixed with a beautifully clean sound, it is interesting to see that the gritty-live-pub-band sound still remains intact" 

Vancouver Weekly 

"Tod Hughes has the ability to appeal to all age ranges as well as across several (musical) genres, often challenging the human brain’s necessity to categorize...Basically categorizing Hughes’ work on Time Stand Still is like hypothetically taking Robert Plant’s “Sea Of Love”, and mashing it with Rosemary Clooney’s “Sway” and Elvis Costello’s “You’ll Never Be A Man”, it’s like a familiar oddity." 

Daily News Service 

"If you are looking for fun in a bid to put a smile on your face this album will positively surprise you." 

No Depression- the Journal of Roots Music 

"Catchy melodies are also intertwined throughout the album as Hughes seemingly pens a song for every mood. His impeccable craftsmanship brings memorable verses and choruses that shows his growth as a musician and songwriter, as this is the follow up to Changing Gears, his prior EP. Showing off how he has honed his skills, we hear a more mature side of Hughes, that is fine-tailored for the masses. 

From start to finish Hughes makes an accessible record of stunning songs that will lure you in every time...forever." 

The Big Takeover 

"Time Slow Down, released May 8th, is a record with artistic and thematically diverse depths that only reveal themselves further upon repeated listens, and it is also a record that will never fail to reward the listener or put a smile on their face." 

IAE Magazine 

"Tod Hughes has released his new 9-track LP, Time Slow Down, a solid work of folk music art filled with meaningful songs that warm the heart. Similar to artists like John Fogerty, with the potential to bring us what Jerry Garcia of Grateful Dead gave us vocally, Tod has a very structured sound and every track is worth each second you spend strolling down its musical pathways. Nothing about Time Slow Down says mainstream radio, but with artists like Tod you can’t expect to get a chart-topping pop record.  Hes a crafty writer who paints pictures on the walls of your mind that seem like real events. I love this kind of writing and if you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate what you hear." 

Skope Magazine 

"Tod Hughes creates a timeless masterpiece with “Time Slow Down” with a sound  that touches the soul." 

Scallywag Magazine 

"Time Slow Down has elements of indie country, jazzy backdrops, roots, rock, and singer-songwriter clarity. He looks back and forward with the same zeal. Mistakes were made, fun was had, stories were created, and here they are. Tod Hughes is serious about these life lessons. He’s also funny. Hughes’s voice at times sounds like John Prine’s, especially on the track “Darkness That Cries.”He is reminiscent of Randy Newman on “Drinking Coffee in a Hipster Place” with maybe a little Fred Schneider from the B-52s thrown in as he comically laments about the good old days of gas station coffee you can chew. On the “Time Slow Down,” Hughes creates a love song of sorts to Canada, possibly specifically his native Winnipeg and his adopted Calgary. Whomever it’s meant for, it’ll stay in your head. Lovingly skirmishing with the world, Tod Hughes is clearly have a good time. And we’re having one with him." 


"Canadian singer-songwriter Tod Hughes’ first full-length album is a refreshing blend of roots, folk and rock over nine tracks combining personal lyrics with broader themes." 


"Hughes is able to make an effort here that remains with one long after the CD has ceased to play" 

Mid Tennessee Music 

"Tod Hughes new album Time Slow Down is the most refreshing roots rock record I’ve heard this year. Within seconds of clicking play I was hooked and you best believe that thing is getting repeated…again and again." 

Viral Pirate 

"If you’re a fan of the likes of Dire Straits, John Fogerty, Wilco and the like, you’ll love Tod Hughes" 

"There is something so raw and authentic about it that one can’t help but feel Hughes is a friend by the end of the final tune." 

"The opener and title track 'Time Slow Down' caught me right away and I found myself listening on repeat as it seemed to cleanse my soul...Beautiful two-part harmonies with an angel-voiced woman make this song irresistible." 

...His seemingly oft-mined light-hearted sensibility is not all it seems. “Darkness That Cries” ends the album and it is a killer, really. Hughes croaks the lyrics out, talks some of it, strumming slowly before we get the big folk-country, commercial chorus. This is an expansive tune, if not in production, in lyrics and intent, just as on-par with classic country songwriting and delivery. It’s a wonderful end to a very good album indeed.!reviews/hf6pj 

A heartfelt, emotional experience is the only way to properly describe the incredible sound of Tod Hughes and his most recent album, "Time Slow Down." The folk-rock singer/songwriter has created a unique and original blend of mellow, soul-searching music and story-driven lyrics. Telling tales of love, heartbreak, fear and fun with his sound, Tod Hughes has created a one of a kind record that connects audiences across multiple generations.  


An album title like Time Slow Down suggests songs about life in the fast lane. However, Tod Hughes is by no means speeding down life's highway. Rather, he's a more of a stop and smell the roses kind of guy, and his music is smart, funny and entertaining. 

‘Time Slow Down’ has all that soul-touching crammed into one memorable album. Stand-out tracks include ‘Coming Home to You,’ an energetic piece that will have you on the edge of your seat, ‘One of a Kind’ with its sizzling guitar lines, and definitely ‘Drinking Coffee in a Hipster Place’ which takes a cheeky glance at millennials flooding coffee shops with their faces glued to their monitors. 

Hughes shows his chops with his poignant storytelling in his newly released LP, Time Slow Down.  His latest record portrays a poet on the verge of something great, as he plays with his consciousness and inspirations to create a highly upbeat and timeless roots album.  Hughes has spun a record that gives bursts of folk rock intermixed with country lovin’ fun. 

The more I listened to this album, though, I found myself rather enjoying it due to the high quality of musicianship, and the way Hughes gives nods to his influences, people like Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Neil Young or Leonard Cohen, without ripping them off. Plus it’s just GOOD music, period.